Light Punishment for Assault at Fort Lewis


By Sean Robinson
The News Tribune
August 23, 2009

Taylor Mack woke up choking.

She retched blood, spat out a tooth, and squinted through a fog of swollen pain. Her face was broken. She didn’t know it yet.

Slow recognition. Empty apartment, fast-food bag on the bedside table … Fort Lewis.

The barracks. Here with Andre, the night before … and he had wanted to, but she said no … and then something flying at her face a foot, a fist? She couldn’t remember, and Andre was gone.

It was 2:30 a.m. on June 19, 2007. Mack, then 20, was about to stumble into a Catch-22: a legal snafu, excused by the gods of procedure, footnoted with official sympathy.

Mack made one mistake. She got herself assaulted on military property by a soldier who wasn’t a soldier anymore, a man who slipped between the layers of military and federal authority.

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