On October 14, 2009, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), the nation’s first and largest non-partisan, nonprofit organization representing veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, released its new issue report, “Women Warriors: Supporting She ‘Who Has Borne the Battle,'” on the unique service and homecoming challenges facing female troops and veterans. The report is the cornerstone of IAVA’s first annual “Week of the Women Warriors,” a multi-faceted effort to honor the courage and sacrifice of female servicemembers.

IAVA’s newly released report explores a wide range of issues, including:

Sexual Assault, Harassment and Military Sexual Trauma (MST): Women in the military have been coping with significant and underreported sexual assault and harassment for decades. The report examines the statistics behind this prevalent issue, the measures that are currently in place and steps that must be taken to aggressively address this systematic problem.

To read the full press release and the report “Women Warriors: Supporting She ‘Who Has Borne the Battle,'” visit the IAVA web site here. The new IAVA Women Warrior Center can be found here.