Event Information from AF3IRM/GABNet San Diego


AF3IRM San Diego To Take the Streets on May Day to Demand Genuine Immigration Reform and the Dismantling of Imperialism


On International Workers’ Day, Saturday, May 1st, AF3IRM/GABNet San Diego will take to the streets with a coalition of several San Diego grassroots organizations including Union Del Barrio and Si se Puede coalition calling for legalization for all – without conditions, jobs and livable wages for all, fund education & social services – not war, immigration rights for LGBT partners.

AF3IRM/GABNet San Diego will join thousands in the call for comprehensive immigration reform and stands in solidarity with workers across the globe in the struggle to dismantle US-led imperialism, whose exploitative policies and practices have forced over one billion people worldwide out of their home countries to find work abroad.

AF3IRM/GABNet San Diego will march against the recently-passed Senate Bill 1070 in Arizona, which has further empowered police officers tobe able to stop and interrogate every individual regarding citizenship, legalizing racial profiling.

Also, with San Diego being a hub of the US military and navy forces, the women will march against the imperialist US policies which force poor women into the sex trade. In San Diego alone, the sex trade of poor women of color flourishes around the military bases, where servicemen can easily purchase the exploited women. In the last half century, the Navy and Marine Corps’ presence following World War II helped support prostitution markets in the Gaslamp and Loma Portal along Midway Drive. In the past year, police have recorded the vast majority of 588 arrests around the area of 30th Street and El Cajon Boulevard.

AF3IRM/GABNet San Diego calls our supporters and allies to take part in this call for action THIS Saturday May 1st 2010 11:00am at Chicano Park. Please locate the purple AF3IRM/GABNet San Diego flags.

For more information contact:

Ley Ebrada, AF3IRM San Diego Chapter Coordinator