Number of Sexual Assaults is Unacceptable, Expert Says


Amy Minsky
November 1, 2010

Former Canadian Air Force officer Russell Williams was recently convicted of the sadistic murders of two women and the sexual assaults of two others. Canada’s military police received 163 reports of sexual assault and 505 reports of assault in 2009 — numbers one military expert says are unacceptable.

The figures, reported in the recently released Canadian Forces Provost Marshal 2009 report, show reports of sexual assaults have decreased slightly, from 166 in 2008, but the numbers are still very troubling, said Michel Drapeau, a retired colonel now practising military law.

“It’s the elephant in the room,” he said. “When you look at what we know now … this is supposed to be a professional force. Men and women serve alongside each other. But you look at the context, and you look at those numbers, it’s telling us it’s not safe.”

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