Propaganda or News?


Heela Askarzoi

Time magazine used Aisha’s story to build sympathy for her and Afghan women and to show that they are in need of U.S. troops, which provides the U.S. a solid excuse/reason to stay in Afghanistan. Time magazine lied about Aisha’s mutilation by accusing the cruel act on Taliban. In reality, before Aisha’s photo came out in Time magazine, Aisha’s interview with Ann Jones, author of Kabul in Winter, stated that the abusive act was done by Aisha’s father-in-law and the Taliban were not involved in the act. This account of the abuse against Aisha was also supported by village elders.

The article linked below from the RAWA News further discusses the U.S. troops increasing violence against Afghan women and provides different stories such as the increase of violence against Afghan women that tend to work outside their homes, ongoing violence against Afghan women in the villages, the Shitte Personal Status Law, and the anti-woman bill that passed in Afghanistan.

To read the story in the RAWA News, click here.

INTERVIEW: Ann Jones on “War is Not Over When It’s Over”   September 30, 2010 (Democracy Now!)

An additional article from the Tehran Times that further supports the idea that U.S troops are increasingly violent towards Afghan women can be read here.