The Christian Science Monitor  – Exclusive:
1 in 5 Air Force Women
Victim of Sexual Assault, Survey Finds


The Air Force is set to release a comprehensive survey about sexual assault, which could become a model as the Pentagon begins to address sexual assault within its ranks more openly.

Anna Mulrine
The Christian Science Monitor
March 17, 2011

In a quiet push to more honestly address sexual crimes within the military, the Air Force will release a survey later this week that finds 1 in 5 women say they have been sexually assaulted since joining the service.

It is one of the most comprehensive studies undertaken by the US military to assess sexual assaults within its ranks, and could become a model for how the military as a whole begins to address the problem, defense officials say.

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Story thanks to SWAN – The Service Women’s Action Network

Exclusive: 1 in 5 Air Force women victim of sexual assault, survey finds.