Ex-Marine Linked to 2009 Death of Navy Sailor


Emily Babay
The Washington Examiner
March 20, 2011


Amanda J. Snell was a 20-year-old Navy intelligence specialist and a youth minister at an Alexandria church when she was found dead in her Henderson Hall barracks room in Arlington in July 2009.

More than a year and half later, prosecutors are preparing to charge a former Marine corporal with a violent past in her death, according to Snell’s mother and a law enforcement source.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia says it plans to charge Jorge A. Torrez in the case, Snell’s mother, Cynthia, told The Washington Examiner.

A prosecutor with the attorney’s office told her Torrez was a Marine, Cynthia Snell said, and only one Jorge A. Torrez exists in military service records, according to the office of Manpower and Reserve Affairs. A law enforcement source confirmed that federal authorities are pursuing Torrez in the Snell case.

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