Two U.S. Soldiers Accused of Raping Teenage Girls in South Korea

Japan Today
October 8, 2011

Two U.S. soldiers have been accused of raping teenage girls in South Korea in separate incidents, prompting U.S. military officials to apologize Saturday as they tried to ease growing public anger.

Army Brig Gen David Conboy, who supervises the U.S. garrison in Seoul, issued a statement apologizing for “pain” caused by allegations that a U.S. soldier raped a girl in her rented room in Seoul on Sept 17. That solider—a private in his early 20s—is being questioned by police but has not been arrested.

Another U.S. private has been arrested on suspicion of raping a teenage girl on Sept 24 in a city north of Seoul.

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Thanks to Betsy Kawamura of Women4NonViolence for the link.