Military Rape Speech 19 by Congresswoman Jackie Speier


Congresswoman Jackie Speier
April 25, 2012



I rise for the 19th time to highlight the epidemic of rape and sexual assault in the military. By the military’s own figures, 19,000 sexual assaults and rapes occur each year, but only 13% of the members of the military actually report them.

Last week I met with Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, along with my colleagues to discuss DOD’s new report of data on rape and sexual assault in the military. The report shows a slight increase in reports of rape and assault, but a startling decrease in the number of charges brought against purported perpetrators. With the decrease in charges came significant decrease in prosecution, punishment, and convictions.

The numbers, frankly, are discouraging. I was only pleased about one thing, Secretary Panetta and I agree the only way to solve this problem is with an increase in prosecution. We agree on the result to be achieved but for right now we do not agree on the steps to achieve it. After our meeting, Secretary Panetta announced new initiatives, but DOD’s three major proposals will not increase prosecutions, convictions, or punishments.


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“H.R. 3435, the Sexual Assault Training Oversight and Prevention Act – or STOP Act which would take the reporting, oversight, investigation and victim care of sexual assaults out of the hands of the military’s normal chain of command and place jurisdiction in the newly created, autonomous Sexual Assault Oversight and Response Office comprised of civilian and military experts.”  (Rep. Jackie Speier)


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