Military Rape Speech 20 by Congresswoman Jackie Speier


Congresswoman Jackie Speier
May 17, 2012



Today I rise again to speak about the horrific situation in the military and that is the epidemic of rape and sexual assault that goes on unabated. This is the 20th time that I’m here on the floor to tell the story of yet another victim. 19 times before I’ve been on this floor to tell about victims in military service. I’ve told you about the military culture that treats sexual harassment and assault with a silent acceptance, and the command structure that punishes the victim and does not take care of dealing with the perpetrator.

Today i am going to tell you about the culture that exists in our military service academies that train our cadets to become commissioned officers. I’ve not told you that the same conflicted chain of command structure that exists in the military also exists at our prestigious service academies. The military academy at West Point and the Naval, Coast Guard, Air Force and Merchant Marine follow the same rules of the military. The Uniform Code of Military Justice. Today I’m going to tell you the story of Karley Marquet who was a first-year cadet when she was raped just last year.

She was a spanking brand new West Pointer, gifted in both academics and athletics, Karley was a star high school student. She had her pick to go to any number of colleges. She chose West Point because she wanted to serve her country. West Point chose Karley because she possessed the skills and character that the Army needs for success.

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