The ABC’s of War ~ A Work in Progress

By Blaine H. Mogil


Another aimless amateur, acutely articulationistically awkward, and arguably autistic

American aristocrat / ascends to the apex of all American ambition, against all authority.

Accompanied by angry anarchists / anticipating an ambush on America’s articles of autonomy

Antichrist abjures alliance, afraid of any and all associations with angrily aberrant autocrats.

Arrogant agents of alienation are armed, arranging an apocryphal assault, assailing assimilated aliens.

Apostate assumptions about Arab aspirations antagonize, and ally an army against all America.

Bullypulpit brainchild Bonzo begins by belittling bretheren who believe in building bridges.

Blowingsmoke. Bigwigs begin a breakdown of basic bonds by begetting brothers to battle.

Bodies of babies are blown to bits by brutal bombs, built by billionaires bereft of benevolence

Brotherhood bereaved, are beaten bloody, brains bashed in, and out, by blaster butts of berserkers

Beligerent backwoods Blackwater bandits breed bad blood by blowingaway bystanders in Baghdad.

Coldhearted command-in-chief compels children of color to capitulate and “catch culpable criminals”

Christmas comes, children cry, and cadavers cumulate into clusters of coffins, confining comrades. Cloistered

Countless collateral casualties compound a cataclysmic catastrophe of consciously carefree carnage

Casualties can’t be considered casually.

Cautiously, Captain Charisma colludes, calling a conference, convincingly causing citizens concern,

Consternation. Casting caution crossways into currents of criminal circumvention. WMD’s.

Destroying Democracy. Death delivered during dawn of day. Damning. Damn them. Damnation!

Devastated daughters distraught, defiled, disfigured, dying, dead—damaged by disturbed desperados

Don’t dutifully defer decision-making to demon’s dispatching the devil’s dreams. Distract, deceive, deploy.

Egomaniacs engage entire empire, entreating empathy for energy enterprises enthused by enhancing earnings.

Everyone either embraces or is easily exiled, expounded by Emperor Erroneous as extremist.

Fear floods fully. Fastidiously filling friends and family with fictitious fluff, fabricated by Fox and Friends.

Fearing a fate of finding friendship in fellows fighting fraud, the flock freely follows falsehoods.

Fathers fall, fending off full frontal frenzy from fast flowing formations of a fully fitted fighting force.

Gargantuan groups gladly grant a generations gold to get guerdon for the grieving at ground-zero.

Government graft generates gobs of greenbacks / goading greenhorn guardians to grabbing Generalissimo

Having had the heart of his happy heartland helper, the human horror Houssein had his hour.

His helpfulness holding Hoseyni Khamene’I, held him in high honor among henchmen here.

However, Hunchback Haliburton huckster hawk who hides his house, heckling his homeland, heaved

Houssein hurling into history. No hindering the hairbrained hallucinations of the

Hopelessly heinous hireling, Hell’s Harbinger, hasn’t a human heart. He hurls hatred at humble herdsmen

Ill informed infidel issues instruction for the instant immolation of Islamic insurgents, Iman and Ihsan

Ignominious ignoramus ignores implication of implemented Iraqi Independence instrument, insisting

‘I intend interfering in its implementation to influence and improve income from individual investments.’

Interference in independence incites Islamic ideologues into issuing an insurgency. Ingenious imitation of

Imperial insurrection in its infancy in 1773, issued for irrationally imposts and impounds.

Ironic. Isn’t it? In the interim an inimical infrastructure is installed for imminent and iniquitous invasion.

Irresponsible Imperial and Israeli interests intern Iraq to interlope into Iran with impunity.

Ironically the immense irony is inconceivable to influential iconoclastic imperator.

Justifiable Jihad.


Copyright 2010 – Blaine H. Mogil