Veterans Chuck Medals Towards NATO Conference


Tyler Davis
Gapers Block
May 20, 2012

Thousands marched from Grant Park to the intersection Michigan Avenue and Cermak Road, about two miles, led by the Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW). At the end of the march, as close to the NATO conference at McCormick Place as the demonstrators were allowed to go, veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan threw their military service medals onto the ground as a symbolical gesture of their disapproval.

“This medal right here is for the one-third of women in the military who are sexually assaulted by their peers,” said Aaron Hughes, who served in the National Guard from 2000-2006, as he threw a medal towards McCormick Place. “And this medal right here is because I’m sorry.”

“Our enemies are not 7,000 miles away, they sit in board rooms,” said Vince Emanuel, a veteran.

Although the protestors made it to the intersection with no incident, a clash between police and protestors occurred after the ceremony.

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