Japan’s Kagoshima Stages Rally to Protest U.S. Base Relocation


May 8, 2010

Some 5,000 people rallied at a park in the city of Kagoshima Saturday to protest against the government’s plan to relocate some functions of a major U.S. military base from Okinawa Prefecture to Tokunoshima Island in Kagoshima Prefecture, said reports from the port city on the southern coast of Kyushu island.

Present at the gathering were the three mayors from the island, including Isen town mayor Akira Okubo, who rebuffed Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama when talking about his relocation proposal in a meeting held Friday. “I conveyed (Tokunoshima) residents’ firm sentiment against (the proposal),” Okubo was quoted by Kyodo News as saying at the rally, which was organized by members of the Kagoshima prefectural assembly, excluding assembly groups of the Democratic Party of Japan.

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