220 survivors of military sexual trauma descended on Capitol Hill, May 8, 2012.

Survivors of Military Sexual Trauma’s
Special Delivery to Capitol Hill


Scott Wooledge
Daily Kos
May 8, 2012

On May 8, Service Women’s Action Network held their “Truth and Justice Summit,” the first-ever mass convening of survivors of military sexual assault on the nation’s capitol. The schedule inclues a panel of survivors sharing their stories with attendees and the press. There will be an awards luncheon, advocacy training and visits to congressional offices. The aim of the congressional outreach, from SWAN policy director Greg Jacob:

We are asking that Congress educate themselves more on issues of sexual assault and harassment in the military and that they become vocal leaders in holding the military accountable for stopping rape in the ranks.

This is an issue that affects men and women service-wide. The reforms and improvements made thus far have been spearheaded by a relatively small group of legislators, most of them being on the Armed Services committee. It is critical that Congress understand that the issue of military sexual violence affects everyone, including veterans and families in their districts that might not have a military presence.

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Thanks to Susan Avila-Smith for providing the reporting link.

I’m a Slut; But as a Military Veteran, I’ve Known This for Decades


Daily Kos
March 7, 2012


It’s been difficult for me to express how I’ve been feeling this past week, until I read this diary which began:

I am a slut.

Before this week, I didn’t know I was a slut. But Rush Limbaugh set me straight:

I’m a slut, too. But I’ve known this for decades. I knew it since I first enlisted in the Active Duty Air Force in 1984, and I was never allowed to forget it.

I’m also a whore, hysterical, and completely incapable of working on communications equipment.

I shouldn’t have even been in the military.

Because I’m a woman.


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