“Fallen” Soldiers:
Unsolved Death Cases of Black Women in the Military


The Fresh Xpress
April 28, 2011

As I was looking up black women in the military who have fallen I began to notice a trend. Not every woman has “fallen” in the sense of valor as may we may associate with soldiers. In the two dozen that I have discovered, a disproportionate amount have died in non-combat circumstances.

This got my conspiracy nose to twitching. “Is this another case of those who serve and protect, but are not being protected?” I asked. And yep, my gut was right in some instances.

The military sounds good and may look good in the commercials, but it is a very hard profession and one that trains ordinary folk into killers. And many times, the soldiers kill their own. And in many instances, the women who are in the military are the first target before any enemy.

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UPDATE: Convicted Special Forces GI on the Lam No More

by Seth Robson
Stars and Stripes
August 20, 2009


A manhunt is under way for a U.S. Special Forces soldier who fled after being convicted of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a German woman.

Sgt. 1st Class Kelly A. Stewart — who was found guilty of multiple charges including kidnapping, forcible sodomy and aggravated sexual assault of a woman in an August 2008 incident — was last seen early Thursday morning by his escort at an on-post hotel.

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UPDATE: Sgt. 1st Class Stewart turned himself in at Stuttgart on August 22, 2009.

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