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The article provides an overview of the military culture addressed in the landmark Military Rape and Sexual Assault Class Action Lawsuit filed February 15, 2011.


Culture of Rape

Linda Franklin, an active duty U.S. Marine sergeant, was beaten and strangled in 2007 by her then-partner, a staff sergeant. She notified the military brass about the crime, following procedures to the letter, trusting that he would be punished. Instead, a year later she found herself reporting to her attacker; he had been promoted to her ranking officer. Franklin—not her real name—was ultimately labeled a “domestic abuser” herself by a committee review board because a police report misinterpreted a witness’s testimony.

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Culture of Rape

Natalie Wilson
Ms. Magazine
Spring 2010

Will an upcoming class-action lawsuit force the military to face its sexual-assault problem once and for all?

The Spring 2010 issue of Ms. contains Natalie Wilson’s article on MILITARIZED SEXUAL VIOLENCE!

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Soldier As Rapist: All Too Common


Natalie Wilson
Ms. Magazine Blog
March 19, 2010

Fort Bragg soldier Spc. Aaron Pernell, 22, an indirect fire infantryman who has served two tours in Iraq, was charged with sexual assault in February. Pernell appeared in court Tuesday on 13 charges including rape and attempted rape. What’s unique about these charges are that they were made at all: thousands of other military rapists have escaped punishment in the past fifteen years, according to the Denver Post in its excellent investigative series.

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