Colonel Ann Wright
in San Diego


Students for Justice in Palestine, SDSU invites you to an Event with Colonel Ann Wright!
Wednesday, April 6th, 7pm-9pm

Hepner Hall 100
San Diego State University

The San Diego Coalition for Peace and Justice invites you to an Event with Colonel Ann Wright! Thursday, April 7th, 7pm-9pm

Church of the Brethren
3850 Westgate Place
San Diego, CA 92105

Colonel Ann Wright (Ret.) is an American peace activist who spent thirteen years in the U.S. Army and sixteen additional years in the Army Reserves, retiring as a Colonel.

On March 19, 2003, the eve of the U.S. invasion of Iraq, Ann Wright cabled a letter of resignation to Secretary of State Colin Powell, stating that without the authorization of the UN Security Council, the invasion and occupation of a Muslim, Arab, oil-rich country would be …a violation of international law. Since then, she has been writing and speaking out for peace. She fasted for a month, picketed at Guantánamo, served as a juror in impeachment hearings, traveled to Iran as a citizen diplomat, and has been arrested numerous times for peaceful, nonviolent protest of Bush’s policies, particularly the war on Iraq.

Ann Wright has been on delegations to Iran and was in Gaza three times in 2009, following the Israeli attack on Gaza that killed 1,440 and wounded 5,000. She was an organizer for the Gaza Freedom March that brought 1,350 persons from 44 countries to Cairo, Egypt, in solidarity with the people of Gaza. She was on the May, 2010 Gaza flotilla that was attacked by the Israeli military. She is an organizer for the US Boat to Gaza which will be a part of the next Gaza flotilla that is scheduled to sail in May, 2011.

Ann Wright and Susan Dixon co-authored, Dissent: Voices of Conscience which tells the stories of those who have risked their careers and reputations to speak out against the war against Iraq.

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