Marine Corps to Ban Recruits with Prior Sex Offenses


By Dan Lamothe
Marine Corps Times
October 15, 2009

With the expansion to 202,000 active-duty Marines now complete, the Corps will cut recruiters in the coming year and ban anyone with a past sex offense from joining the service, Recruiting Command’s top officer said.

Maj. Gen. Robert Milstead said in early October that the Corps will no longer allow anyone with a felony or misdemeanor sexual offense to enlist, even if there are extenuating circumstances, and will admit far fewer recruits who perform poorly on the Armed Services Vocational Battery test.

“We’ve tightened up for this year. We just won’t take them,” Milstead said of those with a previous sex offense. “It’s just not worth the churn. Even if it’s a great guy, it’s just not worth it on this playing field with the media. We just don’t need it.””

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