Realities of War:
Testimonies from the Frontline

November 8, 2009
11:00 am until 4:30 pm
Sponsored by the Human and Earth Rights Organization (HERO)
UC San Diego
Student Services Center – Multi-Purpose Room

What do you really know about war? Hear from the people who have been there: Iraq, Afghanistan, GI Resistance, Women in the Military, Homeless Veterans, Military Families. Featuring Rep. Bob Filner, Chairman of Veteran Affairs. Highlights from “Arlington West” by Peter Dudar & Sally Marr. Music by Kevin “Mac Mac” McCoy

This is a full day event where you will have the rare opportunity to get a firsthand reality-check about the impact of war, particularly on those who serve. Be sure to register before November 4th for a free lunch ticket.

The full schedule of events is available online at the Human and Earth Rights Organization (HERO) web site. Of interest to readers, is a panel at 2:30 pm on Women in the Military. University of California at Irvine Professor Carol Burke will discuss her work with women in the military who have been sexually assaulted and battered by men in the military. The project team will join project director, California State University San Marcos Professor Linda Pershing to present information about the U. S. Military Violence Against Women web site.

Following the program we will walk to North Torrey Pines Road for a silent, sunset vigil honoring our fallen troops from 5:00 to 6:00 PM.

For more information about Realities of War: Testimonies from the Frontline, visit the Human and Earth Rights Organization (HERO) web site here or call 858-534-2457.


Bring Their Buddies Home Vigil: An Act of Art
La Jolla, CA

Stand in silence along North Torrey Pines Road (North and South of Muir College Drive) for a Sunset Vigil to honor those who have died in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq Bring Their Buddies Home will provide each participant with a memorial page to wear bearing the name of a fallen soldier. There are complete details of the logistics of the event on their web site including what to wear and how to get to the event site.

For more information about An Act of Art, visit the Bring Their Buddies Home web site here or call 858-534-2457.