” Read my lips, the military must end rape in this country and those who commit such crimes must be brought to justice.”

Rep. Jackie Speier (D) California 
April 6, 2011

Send Representative Speier your personal story at  StopMilitaryRape@Mail.House.Gov

If you choose to share your experience with the Congresswoman, please indicate whether or not you are willing to give her your permission to share it on the House floor.

Visit Congresswoman Speiers’ web page on Rape And Sexual Assault In The Militaryhere.


Vist the web site for Protect Our Defenders, here.




















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  1. […] Congresswoman Speier has made over a dozen speeches to Congress on the topic of rape and sexual assault in the military, to view them on her web site, click here. Or view the videos on usmvaw.com, here. […]

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