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Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

May 14, 2010 — Participants in the National Lobby Day on DADT reflect on their why they came to Washington, DC to lobby for repeal of DADT and on their experiences on Capitol Hill. The National Veterans Lobby Day on DADT was sponsored by Servicemembers United and the Human Rights Campaign.


DADT Hearing (2/2/10) Secretary Robert Gates Opening Statement. More at


Photos and Video of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Activists Chained to White House Fence Campus*Progress, April 20, 2010

LGBT protesters picket Obama’s speech: ‘The only time he’s done anything is when people got pissed off’ The Washington Blade, October 11, 2009

Obama vows unqualified support for gay-rights agenda McClatchy Newspapers, October 10, 2009

Rousing Speech, Mr. President, But the Pressure Continues Huffington Post, October 10, 2009

Gay rights advocates gather ahead of Obama’s speech CNN, October 10, 2009

Gay ban separates more women Marine Crops Times, October 9, 2009

Homophobia in the Military

Resisting Homophobia in the Military, August 31, 2009

Foreign Policy

The Sudden Rise of a Pro-Gay Foreign Policy in the United States Huffington Post,  February 11, 2011

Books and other Materials

UNFRIENDLY FIRE: How the Gay Ban Undermines the Military and Weakens America (St. Martins Press) is the definitive story of “don’t ask, don’t tell” written by the nation’s most widely recognized expert on the policy.

Drawing on decades of research on gay service and hundreds of exclusive interviews with policymakers, government officials, academics and service members, the book shows the cruel and unaffordable costs of the current gay ban.

Find out more, including upcoming speaking events and TV appearances at the book’s website: (Source: The Palm Center)

Gershick,  Zsa Zsa. Secret Service: Untold Stories of Lesbians in the Military. Alyson Books. London. 2005.

Secret Service: Untold Stories of Lesbians in the Military by Zsa Zsa Gershick, looks deeper into the personal lives of women who identify as homosexual and have, or are currently serving in the United States military. While offering a chance to women who wish to remain anonymous the right to tell their story, this novel provides readers with personal accounts of discrimination. Within a military setting, the sexual orientation and homosexual identity of these women are supposed to be inexistent. However, the personal accounts presented here prove that such sexual identities do, in fact, exist. Through these stories the reader is not only introduced to a side of the military that civilians are hidden from, but also receive insight on what it is like to identify as lesbian while enlisted.  Since the writer formed this novel using personal accounts, we as readers, are able to receive information that focuses on each branch of the military. Ranging from physical abuse to emotional obstacles, these entries tell the behind the scenes stories of the brave women who fight for our flag and their jobs on a daily basis.

~ Jennifer Meneray