Ann Wright, activist for social justice.

Col. Ann Wright (ret) at the March 6, 2012 press conference for the Military Sexual Assault lawsuit at the National Press Club, Washington, D.C. Photo: Powers MediaWorks LLC

Col. Wright was interviewed about the ongoing issue of Military Rape and the recent lawsuit by Pat Thurston of radio station, KGO in San Francisco, California. You can listen to the interview at the following radio link,

Interview with Ann Wright on WGNU 980 AM, February 27, 2012

This is a 1 hour interview with Bernie Hayes, one of St. Louis, Missouri’s great interviewers. Bernie plays great music in the beginning of the show–its worth listening to the show just for the music-Leontyne Price “Let the Voices Sing!”

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Ground the Drones –  Stop the War
April 21, 2011


Drone Protest –  Hancock Airfield
April 21, 2011


Ann Wright with Lt. Dan Choi Photo - Kevin Zeese

Free Bradley Manning Protest
March 19, 2011


Women in the Military

October 13, 2009
Col. Ann Wright (ret.) speaking at the Veterans for Peace – Military Rape Awareness Action on October 13, 2009 at the military recruiting station at New York’s Times Square.


And here is the story of Staff Sgt. Sandra Lee told for the first time…


October 11, 2009
Albuquerque, New Mexico


October 10, 2009
Santa Fe, New Mexico


Comments on War and Activism

May 6, 2008
Ann Wright – Finding Our Voices – Bonus Material
Filmaker Laurel Jensen


October 9, 2007
U.S. Policy in Iraq

West Hartford Citizens for Peace and Justice

Ann Wright, a former U.S. Army colonel and State Department official, talked about turning into an activist against the war in Iraq. She talked about the actions of the administration with which she disagreed such as detention in Guantanamo and surveillance. Ms. Wright described her activites as a protestor and urged others to participate. She responded to questions from members of the audience. Mr. Spear spoke briefly about local activities. State Representative Fleischman moderated the event in the West Hartford Town Hall Auditorium.